Welcome to Motionauts! We are an Animation & Motion design online studio . We are focused on orbiting creative agencies, producers, studios and artists around the world, we support and collaborate in the creation and development of great stories and ideas. 
Motionauts works as a team group, supporting other creative thinkers and helping them to give life to all kinds of dreams and visions. We love to learn different ideas from other creatives thinkers and in this way enhancing the final product of all the hard work.

Most of all we love to be challenged and to overpass the boundaries, going on an extra step for the benefit of the idea. We look forward to get on board on new learning opportunities and explore new approaches to solve the upcoming difficult situations.
Our Team
Dair Biroli

Co-founder, Director and Animation Artist

Andrea Castillo

Co-founder, Director & Animator

Co-founder & happiness supervisor
Please get in touch  for more information

We are always looking for illustrators, artists, and animators to join the crew in our projects, please send us your resume and portfolio.


Thank you!
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